Posted by: Midsummernight | February 14, 2006

10 Random Facts about a girl

Regular ho-hum meme since I have nothing really today and yet still felt like posting:

1.) My feet are freezing cold – always.

2.) I never liked chocolate till after I got pregnant twice. Now I only like certain kinds of chocolate (for instance chocolate frosting on a butter cake).

3.) I have only three pairs of jeans, one size two small. But if I buy the next size up it means I am giving up on ever loosing the baby weight. So I just go without breathing, it seems easier.

4.) I hate feet. They are smelly, look gross, and all around disgusting in my opinion, yet I still will pay good money to have a pedicure. I don’t mind if other people touch feet, I just wont.

5.) While watching a nature show where one animal gets killed by another animal I get tremendously upset and if currently pregnant while watching I will cry. Trying to explain to me that that is just how nature works only makes me more upset. And yet, I am not a vegetarian.

6.) I love African Tribal music.

7.) I dance around the house with a hairbrush singing along to music just like the commercials. Darling thinks I am nuts.

8.) I read about 5 books at a time.

9.) I also have about 5 different craft projects at any one time.

10.) I am terrified of my meat not being all the way cooked and dying of some uncooked meat disease, so instead all my meat is just about burnt.



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