Favorite Websites

Hillbilly Housewife – This is a great site that has tons of cheep recipes and great information about homemaking.

Moby D Wrap – This is the best baby carrier  for infants I have found. I know there are a number of companies that all have this style, this is just the one I happened to buy. Think newborn to four months or so is when I use it to.

Hotslings– I use this carrier from four months or so till they are to heavy.  Easy to get on and off and put baby in a out of it.  Great for days when you have lots of quick errands at dozens of stores.

Babies Beyond Borders – Love this carrier from 6 months on.  Well made, easy to understand.  Great options for carrying.  Love them.  I have a baby buckle carrier and a Mei Favorite Toddler Deluxe.  Love.  Really, really love.  Have tried a number of buckle carriers (bjorn, ergo….) Love my BBB.

Diaper-Pin– This is a great site for information if you are thinking about using cloth diapers. I highly recommend the Fuzzi Bunz (although the price has jumped $3-4 a piece since I bought them) and Kissaluvs.  My sister uses Bum Genius and loves them too.

Lunapads– Theses are a fabulous alternative to disposable menstrual pads. They also offer the Diva cup, which is a great alternative to disposable tampons. Check them out!

Chico Bags– These are wonderful alternatives to the paper or plastic debate. I know there is some controversy over these types of reusable bags due to what they are made of, but I have found that with the canvas ones I never remember to bring them! These can live in my glove compartment so I always have them with me.


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