All about me

I am:

A follower of my Savior, Friend and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

A wife to the most hansom, wonderful, loving and forgiving man I have ever known. I fell in love with him slowly over the course of 5 years, and we have now been married for over 4 5 (!)years. It has been the best four five years of my life and I am so thankful every day.

A now part time SAHM of two boys Josiah (4), Aiden (2 1/2) and one girl Amélie (8 months). Also I have a part time job where I work every so often on Saturdays.

I love music and have found that I love just about all forms. I am not sold on rap, heavy metal or rock. Beyond that I love everything.

I stay up too late always. I love reading. I am horrible at grammar but I really want to get better. I want to learn French and American Sign Language. I also have other odd learning goals, e.g. cake decorating done, soap making done, bee keeping, knitting, photography and the like.

Someone who desperately wants to move and I keep hoping that someday we will. I want to move four states away, so it is a big step.

I am also, someone who is very tired and going to bed. Always!

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  1. I know how much you must miss your Mom becausa I know how much she MISSES you. She is one of my dearest friends and a wonderful woman. She talks of you and your sister and brother often as well as her grandbabies.
    I am lucky to count her as a good – dependable friend.
    I will look after her for you.
    You are lucky to have a MOM like her.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. He who is afraid of wounds must not come near a battle,

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