Posted by: Midsummernight | February 16, 2006

I once took a business law class.

You would think that being it was business law it would therefore be the most boring class I had. Surprisingly to me, it actually turned out to be the best class of my entire (albeit short) college career. I don’t think there was a single class that I missed the entire semester, and most of my fellow students didn’t miss one either. Considering it was at a community college where a large percentage of the student body are party loving kids that was really amazing. On my first day I asked if I would be allowed to sound record the class and was allowed to do so. I kept those tapes for years and would listen to them randomly. There was just so much good information presented in such a wonderful listing format. I regret to this day that in a fit of massive clutter cleaning I threw out those tapes. I have even considered seeing if I could retake the class, but considering I passed the class with an A it might look a little odd that I would want to retake it.


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