Posted by: Midsummernight | April 10, 2008

The one who makes me humble

If I only had one child I would sit and wonder why people say parenting is hard.  Ok, I wouldn’t really because for some reason I thought one child was hard. When Josiah was born we didn’t go anywhere. Ever. Bible studies? Nope. Parks?  Way to much work.  Heck, the grocery store seemed like a massive feat.  And then, and then we had Aiden.  My little humbler. Josiah listens.  Just listens.  But Aiden, well to put it nicely he doesn’t listen.  At all. 

My sister, bless her little heart, thought that I was over exaggerating.  That is until she watched him one day.  No matter what the request he required a time-out to respond to the request.  Every. Single. Time.  Barring once I believe.  She believes me now.

So my little one and I have had battles power-struggles discussions differences of opinion lately over bed time (always, and what child doesn’t really?), what constitutes a inside voice (if my eardrums hurt it is NOT a inside voice, just sayin), if we get more food after we have decided to give our plate to the dog (answer is no), if we really need to wash our hair at bath time (yes), if we have to be buckled into the car seat (yes), and the classic are crackers considered a healthy breakfast (no no no).  

Aiden is the main reason I recently bought “Love and Logic”, “The Difficult Child”, and “How to make your kids mind, without loosing yours”.  Alas the last one I bought a little to late, mind is gone. But between all of the ideas I am hoping to see some improvement.  My goal, obviously is to raise him to be a responsible member of society.  My fear is getting a child who will say “yes mom” out of fear not love.  I am trying to learn how to capture his heart so to speak.  I want him to obey out of love, not fear of some consequence.  I realize that written out it sounds sorta hippyish.  But really I want his love, not fear. 

So we are trying to change our tactics with him.  I am also trying to focus on the positives with him.  The unexpected hugs and kisses, his contagious laughter, the way he gets two inches from your face when he wants to tell you something important, the complete desire to be just like his big brother and yet trying to be just the opposite at the same time, the way he runs full speed at me the minute I get home from work, his absolute excitement in life.  Aiden is the one to make me humble, but I am learning he is also the one who is making me Live.


Posted by: Midsummernight | April 9, 2008

Four and counting

No, I  am not pregnant.  Baby carriers, people. Shesh. Four baby carriers.  I have owed a snugli (hated it, sorry snugli company I tried to like it I really did), a moby D (love it, but a pain to put on and take off) a baby bjorn (gift from friend, nice but babies outgrow fast) and now a hotsling.  So far I love the hotsling.  I should, really considering I bought it two weeks ago.   The learning curve is nothing compared to a moby D and it is really really easy to put on and off.  I am loving it.  So while I am loving it immensely, I am still dreaming of a Ergo.  I am beginning to realize that as my babies go through all the different stages during the baby to toddler years I need different carriers to hold them with.  At least that’s what I am telling P so that in a few months I will be able to get the Ergo. 

Posted by: Midsummernight | April 8, 2008

One for the memory books

Well, it would be if I could remember it.  The other day one of the kids said something that had P and I laughing for days.  Did we think to write it down?  Of course not, that would be intelligent.  One thing I am doing in the new house is getting a index card holder for 3X5 cards.  Every time the kids say something I want to remember I am going to write it down on a card with their name and the date.  This is my newest goal. I am so going to do it… as long as I can remember it.

Posted by: Midsummernight | March 17, 2008


No, not into the house yet.  Don’t ask,  just might burst into tears.  So for the few seconds I have internet I can give you a run down of the last few weeks.  In my spare time (ha! I love that phrase, it should be considered an automatic oxymoron) the boys and I have been driving up to the house every other day to make sure the rabbit has food and water.  The poor thing is stuck in his cage until we move in.   I feel awful!  He is used to running around the house free to chew on whatever cord I forgot to wrap and the undersides of any wood furniture he finds. I am posting on freecycle today just in case someone wants him.  I will cry though.

P and I have also just finished our Church’s passion play.  It was wonderful, fun, exciting, moving and exhausting.  We got “home” last night about two am after the strike.   Every year I swear I am not going to be in the drama next year, and then after it is all done… I start to imagine I will be again.  I am also now signing up for the holidays choir, because really I don’t have enough on my plate.

Ack, I am out of time!  See you all hopefully soon!

Posted by: Midsummernight | February 15, 2008

Egad, this is awful

I had scheduled my Internet service last day to be the 31st of January.  Apparently, when you do that they don’t actually give you till the end of that day and disconnect it on the first. Noooo they cancel it halfway through the day on the 31st before I had a chance to get a number of post written and put on auto post.  So I survived the first part of the move as we are at my BIL’s house.  So very very sorry to completely fall off the earth here.  While we are here at my BIL I just might disappear here and there again.  He has dial-up.  Honest to goodness dial-up.  I was unaware that dial-up was even still an option for Internet service as I have not used it in at least the last ten years. 

In the time it takes me to get to the writing a post page on my blog my children can in fact destroy the entire house and burn it down as well (we are still learning not to play with the fireplace).  So I will attempt in the next few days to get to my darling sisters house (who actually has DSL – thank goodness) and put up a bunch of posts.  Thank you all for dealing with my sudden disappearance and any subsequent lapses in posts.

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