Posted by: Midsummernight | May 30, 2008


We have been amazingly busy during my blogging hiatus.  P and I finished cabinets:

Hung lights, planted a garden, painted (Lots!), and unpacked a ton of boxes.  I have also been out checking the garage sales and have found some awesome deals!

Also found a mattress for the baby’s crib (she has a bassinet she uses right now), a train for around the Christmas tree (P has always wanted one), a dragon costume for Halloween that Aden wears everywhere now (pick your battles, right?) and more clothes for the baby. Tons of stuff!  I love garage sales (P?  Not so much). 🙂



  1. Welcome back…
    Love the high chair got a good deal on it.

  2. The high chair cleaned up nice!
    Awesome deal

  3. I love yard sales! And costumes are the best!

    I want to invite you to enter my giveaways this week at

    I hope you can come!

  4. Well bravo and super good job!
    Doesn’t it feel good!

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