Posted by: Midsummernight | April 11, 2008

When P almost died

Ok, ok so I might be a little melodramatic. Just a little. But really to me, P almost died. A little background might help. Years ago I went to a wonderful banquet with my mom and sister. The speaker was this amazing women who spoke about her experience as a amputee. From what I recall she had lost both arms and legs due to a bacteria infection that almost took her life. Somewhere in her life she had lost her spleen, which makes bacteria infections deadly. I listened to this woman’s story in utter amazement. It was a miracle that she was alive.

Shortly after P and I started dating I ended up telling him this woman’s story. I got all done telling him this amazing story and he said “Huh, ya know I don’t have a spleen either.” “WHAT?!!!” Here I am the queen of worry and I am dating a man without a spleen?! So for years now any time P gets sick I gently urge strongly suggest intensely question him to find out if it might be a bacteria infection and if we need to go into the ER. In the almost eight years we have been together it has never been a bacteria infection. Until three weeks ago.

I panicked. Slightly. Amazingly enough, doctors are really not that panicked about it when you catch it early enough. Though he ended up at the ER twice in two days, and at the clinic for tests for a third day they never seemed that worried. Sure they were cautious and really watched him. But in the end they still sent him home each day. Yes, with massively strong anti-bacterial drugs and strict very very strict discharge instructions. But home none the less. It was a tad surreal to say the least. Here is this thing that I have been petrified of happening for years now and the doctors are fairly nonchalant about the whole thing.

So to me P almost died. For five seven? days he took massively strong drugs and watch the infection site daily, and I panicked. I have now told him that under no circumstances is he ever allowed to do that again because I don’t think I could handle another five seven? days of intense worry. He has gracefully offered to fulfill my wish if he ever gets a say in the matter. He is so sweet like that. Me? I am just glad he didn’t die.



  1. How scary! You’ll be telling your kids that when they start looking for spouses….
    “now, honey, make sure your girlfriend has a spleen before things get too serious.”

  2. That was freaky. I agree.

  3. Mostly cuz if P dies your moving in with me. 😉

  4. Finally got back to your posts. It is so good to hear of the daily things that go on. When we are on the phone it is mostly business and the posts really make me homesick. Your writing reminds me of Erma Bombeck who wrote for years of her daily life. I think you could write for a paper. Think about it when you get to RC. It would be extra income and you can do it from home.

    God Bless

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