Posted by: Midsummernight | February 15, 2008

Egad, this is awful

I had scheduled my Internet service last day to be the 31st of January.  Apparently, when you do that they don’t actually give you till the end of that day and disconnect it on the first. Noooo they cancel it halfway through the day on the 31st before I had a chance to get a number of post written and put on auto post.  So I survived the first part of the move as we are at my BIL’s house.  So very very sorry to completely fall off the earth here.  While we are here at my BIL I just might disappear here and there again.  He has dial-up.  Honest to goodness dial-up.  I was unaware that dial-up was even still an option for Internet service as I have not used it in at least the last ten years. 

In the time it takes me to get to the writing a post page on my blog my children can in fact destroy the entire house and burn it down as well (we are still learning not to play with the fireplace).  So I will attempt in the next few days to get to my darling sisters house (who actually has DSL – thank goodness) and put up a bunch of posts.  Thank you all for dealing with my sudden disappearance and any subsequent lapses in posts.



  1. I’ve missed you, but take all the time you need. Sounds crazy!

  2. I know you’re busy, just pick up your awards on my blog when you can. 🙂

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