Posted by: Midsummernight | January 30, 2008

Um, help? Please?

Fill box.  Close.  Tape.  Fill box. Close.  Tape.  Repeat till you dream of packing boxes.  Or till you are so tired of packing you want to scream.  For a women who really really thinks she does a good job of purging stuff regularly we still have a whole lot of crap to pack.  Dishes, pots ‘n pans, clothes, blankets, cleaning supplies, food… it all adds up to an excessive amount of boxes really.  For the last six days I have been buried in boxes and two emergency working days as I had to cover for a sick coworker.  P really didn’t care for the fact that I had to work on the big moving day.  That did not go over well.  Tomorrow is the last final hurrah of moving/cleaning.

One small snag in our moving is that the house is not quite done… running water would be nice really.  And a sink for the water to run from/to would also be nice.  We are moving into my BIL’s house till it is done.  Here’s to hoping it goes fast.



  1. I have no idea how you do it all! AND have a new baby. Wow. I hope after you get all settled you have a chance to rest!

  2. I scream for you. I’ll be doing this soon too, as soon as we find another house to move into. I’m NOT looking forward to it.

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