Posted by: Midsummernight | January 24, 2008


First day of class I walked in, sat down (I was hung down, brung down, hung up… ok not really but can you name that song?*). Anywhoo I sat down and there two rows up was my friend from high school. I was so excited that I knew anyone in class and I waited for break to go talk to him. At break he got up and went outside (we all did back then) and I followed.

-Hey Steve!

-I’m not Steve….

-Um, yes you are… aren’t you?

-Um… No.

-Your really not Steve? Just trying to play a joke on me?

-Really not Steve. Honest.

And so began the oddest shortest college friendship I had. After swearing to me that he really really was not Steve I told him he was his twin then. At this point I am sure this poor young man thought I was just trying to find a way to talk to him, or nuts or both. We talked a little at break and I told him I would bring a picture of Steve next week. Next week, I showed up with a picture of my friend Steve. The only differance between the picture Steve and my new odd friend was the side of their head that they parted their hair. I have never seen someone look so shocked in his entire life.

Poor Steve-twin stared at that picture the entire class. He asked me if he could keep the picture and I agreed. Steve’s real full name was written on the back (see my anal retentive side was showing up even then). I told the Steve-twin that all I remembered about real Steve during that class break. He left class that night still clutching that picture and shaking his head. He never showed up for class again. All semester I always hoped he would come back I was dying with curiosity! He never did, and I never found out if they were twins separated at birth. I still Google the real Steve every now and then hopping to see a picture of two Steves with a attached story of how they found out in college that they were twins.  Real Steve has a web site of his current research and college info.  He has gone on to study things that I don’t even fully understand the basic principle of.  All of his college degrees, his published papers and even pictures of him during his graduations are there.  But I have yet to see a picture of two Steves.  Some day I hope I do.

*Are you all telling me that none of you have every heard of Alice’s Restaurant?  Wow, thats sad.



  1. Ok, that’s really weird that he just never showed back up to class. Could he have been in the witness protection program?? hee hee

    That was always my first thought too! 🙂

  2. You have to let me search. I can find anyone online.
    Thats a weird story!

  3. wow, how odd is that

    It was very very odd. I almost went back to my high school reunion to see if he was there. Then I remember he was in a different grade. Darn!

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