Posted by: Midsummernight | January 22, 2008

It’s all in my head

I had thought I had written this huge long post about us moving and all, but I must have left it in my head.  We are moving.  Soon.  As in ten days soon. End of month soon.  Most of the big stuff is going this weekend, along with everything else that we will not need for a few days of daily life.  I have been packing like crazy and am so tired of boxes and paper everywhere.  The house we are moving into is being remodeled, and I am really not even sure it will be done by the first.  All I am hoping for is running water and a shower.  I can cook on a camp stove on the kitchen floor for all I care if the cabinets are not in on time.  But I can not go without a shower.

I am going to try and go up to the house today and move some boxes into the basement.  If I can do that without disturbing the progress on the house.  If I do make it I will take some pictures.  They  finished putting the tile in the entry way, the half bath, and the main bath tile was almost done on Friday as well.  I am just loving everything they are doing.   It looks really nice.

So, we are moving.  Sooner than I am ready for.  The living room is full of boxes, and my kitchen is too.   I can not wait to be done.  Really.



  1. Oooohh….a newly remodeled house!! Sounds like fun. Well, not the actual *moving* part!

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