Posted by: Midsummernight | January 18, 2008

My dream house.

Karen over at Raisin Five was talking about her dream house the other day. It got me thinking about P and I’s dream house. We have talked a lot about where/what type of house we would love to have. While we will never get everything, and most dreams are a looooong way off if we ever do get them it is still nice to think about.  Living in this older house though, as I trying to think of the things that I would like in a house I realized that my wish list is a little simpler these days.  Living here I have come to realize that I would like to have:

  • More than one outlet in a room.
  • Carpet in the bedrooms, hardwood floors look nice and all but they are cold!
  • A outlet for the microwave that doesn’t pop the breaker in the extension cord every time I use the microwave. Don’t ask.
  • A washer and dryer that sit next to each other so I don’t need to drag the wet laundry across the floor to the dryer.

Sure a loft would be nice, a hot tub would be nice, a kitchen island would be really nice.  But really, I am just wishing for the simple things lately.  I am going to try and keep that perspective once I have those simple things.  It is so easy in this consumer driven “I want more” society to never be happy with what we have.



  1. I like your list. 🙂 Most of the things I want in my “dream house” would make it more energy efficient and “green.” Like geothermal. Or that would make it easier to upkeep (like a mudroom so we don’t track things onto the carpet)

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