Posted by: Midsummernight | January 16, 2008


Years ago my dad used to have a night that he would go out and have coffee and pie with his friends. I don’t recall if it was a weekly thing or a monthly get together. I also have no recollection if it was guys only or adults only. What I do recall is the handful of times my dad brought me with. Every so often for no reason that I recall my dad would decided that I would get to go with him to have coffee and pie with all the adults. Oh how those few times stick out in my mind. It made a little girl feel so grown up and special. I remember sitting there looking at a menu trying to decide what type of pie to get, we did not eat out much when we were kids and ordering pie never happened! I remember always being amazed at all the different choices of pie. And oh the coffee! Dad would always let me have one cup of coffee (I am sure he must have gave me decaf) and the coffee was laden down with so much sugar and cream I don’t think I really actually tasted the coffee. But the feeling of being so grown up drinking coffee with my Dad was just amazing to me. It was one of those times that sticks out in my mind as being the happiest times from my childhood.

As I matured and Dad stopped having his pie and coffee get togethers I started going to coffee shops with my friends. Something about ordering a cappuccino (as they were at the height of popularity) made me feel so grown up. I was not, however, grown up yet and I now know why I never liked the darn things. I ordered them, drank them, and the whole time tried to like them. I always ordered mocha cappuccinos as I figured the chocolate would cut down on the coffee flavor. The overpowering taste of intense coffee was just to much for me even with the chocolate. I always ordered the smalls since I figured they tasted so strong and I could barely choke down the small that there was no way I would get anything bigger. I have since learned that most small cappuccinos taste stronger than a medium since the main differance is more milk in the medium, not more coffee. Good golly I felt stupid when I learned that.

Now, older, wiser and all around much more picky about my coffee. I work as a Barista for the church coffee bar on Sundays. Through working there I got to know a great group of friends who are now a regular part of my life. We even have a yearly BuThi ski weekend where we cross country ski, laugh lots, and watch overly sappy movies. Coffee has definitely been a key part in some things in my life. I am amazed that such a simple drink holds so many memories for me. Maybe that’s why I am having such a hard time trying to give up my morning coffee. Maybe I should just try cutting back on it instead.



  1. Everything in moderation, dear. Coffee in and of itself is not evil. Enjoy a cup in the morning. (unless of course your doctor told you “no coffee!”)

  2. I never knew. I remember I wanted it to be a special time for each child. I guess it worked but it did not last to long. I love reading your posts. I have time today so I am catching up. Love Dad

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