Posted by: Midsummernight | January 15, 2008

But it’s cold!

P and I are having a bit of a disagreement lately.  We currently own a older van and a newer car.  P drives the car to work every day, so I always have the van.  While I love the van’s roomy interior since it means way more shopping bags can fit inside.  Which all the pleasure of has been ruined  by the way.  The shopping, not the van.  Every time I think of buying something and /or going shopping Chris puts a new post up at A Year Off and then I am instantly reminded that I don’t NEED that item.  Nice on the pocketbook, not so nice on my desire to buy more crap.  P thanks Chris immensely.

He doesn’t, however, thank me for my intense argument that I should be the one driving the car around.  Since this “argument” only started this evening I think I have some time to win.  Also, since P has no idea it is a argument I really stand a winning chance.  I haphazardly mentioned that I should drive the car since we figured out that all three car seats fit in the back and the car heats up better.   He laughed and dismissed my comment offhand, so the game is now on.  P just loves when I get an idea in my head, as I can bring up the item for months and months and months.  This is a trait I inherited from my mom.  I know that from the start of my parents marriage to 28 years later I don’t recall my mother ever dropping the idea of getting a fireplace.  She never did get it till she bought her own house, but she never let my dad forget that she wanted one.  I recall the hints about how nice it would be to have a fireplace come up in the middle of all sorts of conversations.   She always worked it in so that if fit with the conversation, but it’s not like we were always discussing how cold the house was or something.  She was good, and I learned from the best.   Thanks Mom!

So since I know the subtle art of hinting my desire a lot, P is eventually going to get sick of hearing about the car/van debate.  I think I can talk him into it with the desire to keep the baby warm.  The van heats up, but never gets really warm/hot.  It stays comfortable, but you have to keep it moving.  If you sit in a parking lot feeding the baby for ten min the temperature starts to noticeably drop.  We certainly are far from freezing, but I also always keep my jacket on.  The baby needs to stay warm thing just might be my ticket to driving the nicer, much warmer vehicle very day.  I think it will work.

Oh, and just to let you all know.  Yes P knows I will hound him to death about whatever it is I am voting for.   He is very stubborn in his own right, so it’s not like I automatically get my way no matter what.  And I also always inform him that I am planning a attack of sorts and that I am planning on using his sympathy for his kids (in this case) or whatever other persuasion idea I have come up with.  So he goes in to these fully aware.  Sometimes he sees things my way, sometimes I just give up (it’s not a fireplace after all, I am still voting for one in my house too) and harmony in marriage is worth more sometimes than whatever it is I would like to have.  But this one is going to last a little while. Winter is here to stay for the next couple of months and darn it, it’s COLD!



  1. If you drive more miles, and the car gets better gas mileage, I’d go that route. If he drives farther each day, then don’t even bring it up, it will hurt your cause. 😉

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