Posted by: Midsummernight | January 13, 2008

Almost done!

The infamous virus and our house is almost done! Well the house is if almost equals painting. P and I spent our spare time (ha!) painting our new house. All the ceilings needed two coats of paint, the walls need one coat of primer (apparently that stuff does something) and then we needed to paint colors.  We are down to the one half bath, kitchen, master bedroom and entryway needing color.  Everything else is done. Thank goodness!  P, the kids and I all have paint on our hands, clothes, and some in our hair.  We have been working on it since last weekend and it would have been done today if P had not gotten some massive migraines that stopped progress completely.  Also, I need to go pick out the colors… Which is not my forte.  I also happened to have my first day back on the job yesterday.  So alas this weekend has been busy!  Not that any of them are never not.

I also happen to be acting in a part of my Church Easter drama they do every year.  I will try to remember to bring my camera and take a few pictures. Tomorrow, I will get a real post up.  Promise.



  1. Wow. All of this with a new baby? You are amazing!

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