Posted by: Midsummernight | January 5, 2008

My dad used to tell me this was from old age.

I think he is wrong. Since, clearly I am no where near old age. And I know that middle age doesn’t even hit till you are 70 so I am a spring chicken still. So clearly the loosing your mind thing happens early, or due to sleep deprivation from a newborn. Either way I can tell you that by the time I realized I had done this:


It was far to late to put it in the freezer where it belonged. I had intended to bake one as bread and one as monkey bread. After the one loaf was thawed and had risen one inch above the pan I looked for the package to check the baking instructions. I ended up searching the whole house to find where I had put it. The drawer it is sitting in is where the bread pans go. At least I had logic to where I had put the frozen completely thawed dough. So now I have three loaves of thawed dough to use as I please. I made two loaves of bread with the originals that I had removed, one loaf of monkey bread and now I am not sure what to do with the remaining two. I have to think fast though, since even in the fridge the dough still rises and the bread bag now looks like it is about to explode. And I really don’t want to have to clean up that kind of mess.

The monkey bread, by the way is doing nothing to help me accomplish my goal of loosing 20 pounds.  Darn that stuff is good! 



  1. okay what is monkey bread??
    Funny anyways, thanks for the laugh

    You have been missing out! Monkey bread is very very good. My SIL makes it, but I never got the recipie from her. Then one day Big Mamma posted the recipe for monkey bread. Oh, it is so very good.

  2. If I was nearby, I’d come over one afternoon and watch all the kids while you took a nice long nap!

    Anytime you happen to be hundreds of miles from home and in my neck of the woods you are more than welcome to babysit! 🙂

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