Posted by: Midsummernight | January 2, 2008

Well this year started off, um badly.

Lets just hope that January 1st is not a indication of how the rest of the year will go. Yesterday after cleaning up the church from the teens all night party the family and I went to go get new jeans. We all needed new jeans. Oh, did I forget to tell you about the jean mishap? Yes? Oh,ok. Well the other day I single handily wrecked every single pair of jeans we own. Every. Single. One. In an attempt to be efficient i decided to wash all the jeans in the same load.  I put them in the washer  late at night (sometime after five is late here, but it was around 11) and I turned on the washer.  Right away early in the morning (5 or 6am) I threw them in the dryer.  I figured that by the time we all got up for the day and were ready to dress the jeans would be dry.  They were.  With INK spots all over them!  I had forgotten to check the pockets the night before.  Um.. ops?!

So with no one having ink free jeans a trip to Old Navy was in order.   I had a $20 gift certificate to them, I am not really partial to where I normally get jeans.  After getting a few new pairs I wanted to see how the house remodeling has been going.  Since we were only about ten minutes away I decided to drive up there and check out the house.  I walked around the house really quickly since the kids and the husband stayed in the car.  Kids were sleeping (well all but one) and P had seen the house not that long ago.  The house looks great by the way.  Did I ever mention that we are going to have our laundry on the upper level instead of the basement?  It might sound like a strange place for laundry but it will work really well with the layout and I don’t have to carry laundry up and down two flights of stairs!  There goes my workout routine.  I really need to come up with a new one since I need to loose 20 lbs this year.  Really.  20lbs, and a whole lot of baby stomach. Maybe I should look into a tummy tuck?  Or maybe not considering those are not covered by insurance.

Insurance also doesn’t cover broken keys.  Which is what I happened to do yesterday to the only house key there was.  At least I broke the key, in the lock when the lock was unlocked.  I really don’t want to know what it would have cost me to have a locksmith come out there on new years day to fix a lock.  As it was we spent a few hours driving around a few towns trying to find someone who could make a new key with the two broken pieces.  Did you know that almost all key making places now have theses auto machines that are so simple that a monkey could run them?  The are the coolest looking key cutters that look like they could do anything.   Anything except it seems make a new key from a broken one.  To do that you need the older key machines.  The ones everyone got rid of to get these new fancy automatic ones.   So we never found someone to make a key, all the little hardware type stores were closed.

P ended up having to change the darn lock on the door so we could just go home and get to bed.  Since by the time we were leaving we had already had to feed the kids fast food and it was in fact way past their bedtimes.  Did I mention this all started while it was still light out?!  I wasted half my day yesterday looking for someone to make a new key!  P now has four – as in one, two, three, four keys for the new lock.  There is no way he wants to spend another day driving around looking for someone to make a key (I don’t think he will ever give one of the house keys).  Hopefully the rest of the year goes a little better.  And soon as I get over this masive cold that started can you guess?  Yes, yesterday afternoon while driving around.  By the time we got home I was/am a massive coughing, feverish slug of a person.  Awesome start to a new year.  Here is to the rest of 2008 going better than yesterday.  Now I am off to get some Tylenol.



  1. Ugh. Yeah, I’m hoping 2008 is much better than that for you!

    Me too! I hope everyones is better than that day.

  2. goodness!
    Well, I’m with you on losing 20 lbs.
    That and not to yell,
    which I tend to do when tired!

    Here’s to hopping we both make our goals! Which to my list I should maybe add the yelling while tired thing…

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