Posted by: Midsummernight | December 19, 2007

30 Day cooking

Last year or maybe the year before? I received a wonderful gift from my sister and Father for Christmas, or wait I think it was for my birthday. Anyway they had gotten me a gift certificate to one of those make a meal and freeze it places. My sister and I went there one day and made a ton of meals to take home a freeze. It was awesome. The food was fabulous and I loved being able to pull a meal out of the freezer and bam dinner was done. Well done minus the throwing it in the oven thing. Either way, it was easy. I loved it.

This past week has reminded me of that feeling. Some of the women of my church always get together and cook meals for those who have just had a baby. In the past I have made a meal and now I am on the receiving end. All in all we have been given six dinners, some even came with deserts! I am so thankful that those in my church care enough to do this for people. It is one of the nicest gifts I have received. I should mention also that my sister made me a meal too and she gave me hers when I came home from the hospital. The first day I was home alone with all the boys kids (ack I have a girl now too!) I cooked her lasagna. It was a great lasagna, and I was so greatful that she had done that for me. So really, all in all I have been given a whole weeks reprieve from cooking. It has been so nice.

So nice in fact that I think I am going to learn how to do the 30 day freezer cooking. I can handle one weekend of solid cooking if I get to whip out meals for a whole month! Now I just need to find a free weekend….



  1. I had this too, and this is just one of the most wonderful things we ladies can do for each other!!!
    That and offer to babysit new mother’s older children every once and a while!!!

    It really is wonderful. Glad to hear you were blessed too. The baby-sitting would be really nice too!

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