Posted by: Midsummernight | December 18, 2007

Charlie Brown

Every year I miss the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  They play it so early in the season and I never think to look for it till weeks after it was on TV.  One of these years I am going to get it on DVD so I can watch it when I want to.  This year we missed it again, but I am reminded of it every time I look in my living room.  The kids picked out the tree this year and this is what they picked.


Note that the tree is in a stand so in reality when they picked the tree it  was the same size as Josiah.  According to my Josiah all the other trees were too big.   So our tree this year fit in the back of the van sideways!  Small as it is though, I still love it.  My boys picked it out, whats not to love?



  1. It’s an absolutely beautiful tree! They did a great job picking it!

  2. I love the organized bookcase. Makes me home sick. Love Dad

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