Posted by: Midsummernight | November 20, 2007

Clean up, clean up. Everybody, everywhere

I have, for the first time ever, found out what all this nesting stuff is all about.  I am LOVING it!   When I have energy I am doing all sorts of random things that I just never seemed to get around to.  When I run out of energy (which is frequently), I get to spend lots of time playing with the boys.  We read books, play cars and I think they have had more play-dough time these last two weeks than they have in a month.

To date in my nesting urges I have (over the last week):

– Scraped 6 windows with a razor blade to get off all the little spots of paint overspray from this summer’s painting the house fiasco.

– Painted the boys’ closet, which had four shelves in it that needed to be painted too.

– Scrub the floor under the dining room table to get rid of the marker spots.

– Organized the entire pantry.  It looks so nice!

– Baked (for some reason I also feel the urge to bake) a cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, one cake, and a lemon meringue pie and made a few batches of pudding.  No my husband does not like my cooking spree.  Some small complaint about him trying to loose weight lately.  Shesh.

– I have also packed up the majority of the household items that are unnecessary for daily living.  All decorations, all extra china, all extra clothes and so on.

With all the odd cleaning going on though, I have found that I don’t have any desire to do the everyday things like cleaning up after supper.   Washing dishes is just not half as satisfying as packing a box or  scraping windows.  Maybe it’s the fact that tomorrow I will have to wash the dishes again anyway.  So while all the odd stuff is done, the house is still a mess.  Anyone up for cleaning?



  1. WOW! You ARE nesting! WTG getting all that done!

  2. #1 love the new pic t the top.
    #2 Keep cleaning and get that baby out so she can be spoiled…….
    Love ya

  3. P.S.
    I am WILLING to take any baked goods that your husband will not eat.
    Just an FYI.

  4. LOL!
    Man, for a bit ofyour energy right now!

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