Posted by: Midsummernight | November 5, 2007


Almost a week late, but hey at least I got it up right?

The kids went trick or treating with P for halloween.  I stayed home and handed out candy to the whole 10 (maybe?) kids that knocked on my door.  Of course those ten were in four groups so I really only answered the door 4 times.  Still it was much better than walking waddling all over town.

Josiah chose to be superman this year.  I didn’t realize that by the time a kid is three they no longer let you pick their halloween costumes!  He is growing up way to fast.  Aiden still let me pick his costume though, which was nice.   Especially since my friend gave me a costume that fit him perfectly so we did not have to buy one for him.  He was the cutest frog ever.

Josiah was so excited all week about halloween but when it came to actually putting on his costume he suddenly refused.  We were at a complete loss for a while till he mentioned flying.  Apparently he assumed that because he was superman he would have to fly!  Once we told him we wouldn’t let him fly and he could walk instead he happily put it on.

Aiden had no problems getting into his costume, but didn’t want to leave the house.  Right as P was putting on his jacket and the kids were standing at the door we got our first trick or treater.  So Aiden saw P give some random kid candy out of the bowl that I had been keeping him out of all day!  He was crying for the candy and the only way we got him out the door willingly was explaining that he was going to Auntie’s house and she would have candy for him there.  So yes, we bribed him.  Not something I do every day, I swear!  After the first house though, I was told that Aiden caught on that everyone was giving out candy.  They had to actually hold him back from running full speed from house to house.  He was so excited.  So all in all, they had a great time.

I loved it too.  A nice quiet evening at home was just what this mommy wanted.


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