Posted by: Midsummernight | September 26, 2007

Ack! Debt!

P and I have been living debt free for the last year and a half. Thanks Dave Ramsey! We are now entering the world of debt again. Ack! We are buying a home again, so granted it is not bad debt. But it is still debt. I am excited, nervous, scared, and sad.

Excited: We are buying a home! Did I mention a real house that will be OURS?!

Nervous: Ack! Debt!

Scared: Ack! Debt!

Sad: We are moving about 1/2 an hour away from our current community. Over the past year and a half I have grown to love this town. In this small town you can still shop the local business for useful (ie non tourist crap) items and everyone is so nice. There is a shoe shop downtown that I love, a local pet store (great for the rabbit), a extremely helpful hardware store, used book store (right up my ally), coffee shop, fabulous used clothing store and a cute library. I love downtown.

And yet, no matter what I think. I am sure that this is the house God has set aside for us. A few weeks ago I was tired. Tired of renting. Tired of painting someone else’s house. Tired of just being here, I guess. We never planned on renting for so long. But a series of job losses/layoffs set us back farther than we could have ever imagined. If we had not been living here, I can almost guarantee we would have had a bankruptcy or at least a car reposed and the house foreclosed. Instead of sending us through all that, God in his infinite wisdom placed us here. And for that I am thankful. And yet, even though I felt blessed I was still tired of being here.

I prayed. Prayed and prayed. For a week I kept getting encouragement. Verses that told me He had a house for us. He was building one for us. Be patient. And then the last one? Um, didn’t sound so nice and cheerful. Sure it said we would be getting a house, but not the way I had planed. I balked. Maybe, I thought, God and I are not quite on the same path here but this is not what I was thinking. So I stopped praying about it. But I never stopped thinking about that verse. And then? Something happened a week ago that made my jaw drop. Something that fulfilled His promise to me without someone dying. Which was the only way I originally saw the verse fitting. So I know, know beyond doubt that this is His plan for us. So I am going. Even though every ounce of my being wants to live in this town. In this community. Here.

So we are applying for a mortgage. And as the paperwork is already starting to threaten to overwhelm me, I am already starting to procrastinate. Really I went on the computer to get some things for the mortgage guy, and instead I am writing a blog post. So, I am off to get my paperwork together. Excited, nervous, scared and sad as I am I know this is His plan.



  1. I have not been on your Blog for a while. I always enjoy reading them because you speak of every day life and what is in your heart. Maybe it is just me but I think you are a good writer or is it because I know the people.No you are a good writer. Open and honest.You never mentioned this story about the house. God does want what is best for us but it does not come as we expect. He will take care of our needs not our wants. Those we get ourselves but are never satisfied long with them. Keep up the writing and you will be able to publish it. Then you can afford to come see me. Love Morfa

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