Posted by: Midsummernight | September 22, 2007


No, not Haley’s Comet.  Which will not come back till 2061, which if I am still alive then I will be way to old to care or stay up past ten to see it.  Oh, wait. I already can not stay up past ten.  Maybe by then five will be to late?  Ugh, before I know it I am going to be getting up at seven am and going to bed at 8 am.

Anyhoo, the cleaning stuff comet is what I was originally referring too.  Not that you remembered we started off this conversation about comet anyway.  The other day, in my organization/cleaning spree I found Comet under my kitchen sink.  Now, I have never actually bought any comet but it was a staple in my  parents house.  Growing up I always assumed (which yes, I know when you assume you make a a** out of u and me) but still I did assume that Comet was for getting the copper nice and shiny on the bottoms of pans.  That was the only thing I ever used it for.

Once I moved out and didn’t care that my nice copper pans were not shiny, well I never bought the Comet.  What I did buy, however, was scrubbing bubbles, stovetop cleaner, sink cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, toilet bowl cleaners and the like.  Did you know Comet cleans all that junk?

I had no idea.

I hate clutter.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  Consequently I have always detested the space under the sink.  How do you organize all those darn bottles? You don’t really, you just put them in nice little rows and then when you need one of them it is always the one in the very back.  Always. I am never buying all those bottles again.  I can now do everything with one.  Wow.  It is organizational heaven really.

Oh, for those of you wondering how the comet was under the sink when I never buy the stuff.  Well, before my dad moved to Thailand he lived with me for a while.  Or we lived with him.  Depending on how you look at it.  Either way, all the household stuff from my parents old home was brought to the general space that my dad and I used.  So I ended up with 28 years of crap that no one really wanted.  I have at least ten containers of spray starch in the basement.  Five bottles of 3M brand fabric stain repellent,  two bottles of another brand, and three bottles that clean and repel stains.  So really, if ya all have some serious stain issues let me know. I can send you some bottles.  And if you happen to know of anyone starting a dry cleaning service they are welcome to the starch.  Cause really, I have not starched anything in three and a half years.  And since I don’t plan on going back into the banking world, um ever, I don’t think I will ever need ten containers of starch.  Also, all those darn bottles are causing clutter.



  1. You could always freecycle it. I’m going to be getting rid of some clutter than way when we get back from vacation.

    I should have done that! I found out right after this post that the local recycling center was taking hazardous household waste for free Saturday only! I grabbed everything I could find in the basement besides paint (they were not taking that) and took it all up there. They took everything! Paint thinners, paint strippers, tile cleaners and even the starch! I was thrilled. At least they are going to dispose of it all properly for me. I thought it was a very nice program.

  2. to late now but when I was in kindergarten a few years back they used starch for a lot of things for us. Mix with paint for finger painting and they used it with sugar I think to soak string and wrap around ballons then pop ballon when it hardens. Soryy it has been awhile. I think my memory is a little short in the recipie.So now you will buy some.

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