Posted by: Midsummernight | September 8, 2007

Play silks

A while ago I learned about play silks. I really wanted to get my kids some, but at the average price of $10 per silk the cost was prohibitive.  Then I thought about the fact that my Dad lives in Thailand and was planning on coming home to visit in a few weeks.  So I contacted him and asked him if they had such a thing and how much they would be.  He said that him and his wife would go to the market get some for me. Luckily Phimpha (his wife) has a much better memory than my dad, since he promptly forgot.  So when they went to the market, she remembered and they picked out some silks to bring back to me.  At the market apparently, they just buy big sheets of silk and then she took them to a lady to have the edges hemmed.  All in all my dad thought they cost about $1.10 a piece!  This is what they brought back for me:

Play Silks

When they first unpacked them at my sisters house all the kids started running around with them and throwing them up in the air.  They absolutely loved them.  My oldest, Josiah was running round and round with them when he suddenly stoped.  He looked straight at me and with imense awe in his voice said “Mom, I LIKE these!”  They have been a favorite play item since.  So I highly recommend them, however, I don’t think I would have paid $10 a piece for them.



  1. My kids have a few of these that they got in a magic set. They love them and they are used for all sorts of things! 🙂

    Hey, heads up…..I’ve given you an award over on my blog. Come on over and accept it! 🙂

  2. They are BEAUTIFUL! What a neat idea . .and I too, couldn’t wouldn’t pay 40 bucks each!!!

  3. I have been wanting to get some but the cost is keeping me away. They look like a ton of fun.

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