Posted by: Midsummernight | September 7, 2007

Clumsy, just a little clumsy

I have been a little off balance the pregnancy. I have fallen down more times than I can count, and I have done it twice now where it was so severe that I needed medical intervention. This past weekend was one of them. I tripped. Just one little step was all I needed to go up. But apparently I am incapable of scaling such a high hight without harming myself. I sprained my ankle so badly I was unable to walk for the first day and a half. Three cheers for P though as his crutches came in very handy. He also handled all diaper changes, bedtimes and general chasing after the kids for the rest of the weekend. Considering I fell early Saturday morning and we did not leave camp till Monday afternoon, it was quite a feat watching the kids. I have an ankle brace for minimum of two weeks. I am awesome. Before this pregnancy is done if I don’t break something really major I will be amazed.

Josiah though was the easy one. He found a new love for bikes this weekend as there was fabulous large concrete area for bike riding. My cousins also thought to bring an extra bike that was perfect for Josiah. He woke up ate breakfast, and then was outside on the bike till lunch. He only got off for food or if one of the younger ones wanted a turn. Considering all the younger ones were under two their appreciation for the bike was always short lived. Thankfully as Josiah would stand and cry till they were done.

Riding away



  1. oh! Do take care!

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