Posted by: Midsummernight | August 17, 2007

Spare time?

What spare time? This entire summer, every waking minute we have been scraping the paint off this gigantic duplex house we are living in. Ok, ok maybe not every waking minute, but it sure feels that way. So my husband, brilliant man that he is, lined up his entire family to come over one Saturday and help scrape and paint. The only problem is that they are all coming over tomorrow! Ack! I have a messy house, impending rain, half frozen meat and no noodle salad even started yet. Today is panic day.



  1. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.
    You forgot to mention that you work tomorrow morning. 🙂
    Remember I’ll come over in the morning but NOT early.
    Dang I am tired, I can hardly sleep with racoons in my house…

  2. “Ack” indeed . . hope things went well! LOL

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