Posted by: Midsummernight | July 19, 2007


Every pregnancy somewhere around 20 weeks I start looking at Midwives.  I keep thinking it would be really nice to have a baby at home.  And yet, when my sister talked about it when she was pregnant I thought she was crazy.  I imagine it would be much more calm, relaxing and more natural feeling.  Problem is the last two babies did not give me a choice, even if I had set up a home birth we would have wound up at the hospital with both.  Maybe this one will be different?  I don’t even know if I could give birth without pain medication, I caved both times before.  Something to think about at least.



  1. Midwives…LOVE THEM! I had my first two with a midwife at a hospital. So wonderful! We were in the hospital in case something came up, but the midwife was there providing the personal care I wanted. I was so sad when we moved away from her before our third was born. Again, in a hospital, but this time with an OB/GYN. Ok, but I missed my midwife!!!
    Congrats on your little girl! Also, thanks for entering my drawing! Just a note, the items in the pictures are “like” what’s being offered, but in different fabrics. If you don’t win, but would like eiher item (in pink of course!! or whatever fabric you love) just let me know!!

  2. I’m considered higher risk so ‘at home’ isn’t really an option, but a midwife in the hospital doesn’t sound to bad, and just cause you chose medication doesn’t exclude a midwife does it????

    I am hopping not! I want meds too. A home birth would be my dream, but I am high risk too. I thought it might work because I live three blocks from the hospital, but the husband won’t even consider it. 🙂 – Midsummer Night

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