Posted by: Midsummernight | June 16, 2007


I had a quick check up the other day from a nurse, not the doctor.  I have that scheduled for Monday.  But since I am “high risk” I am scheduled for a quick check from a nurse once a month too. It was an optional thing, but I chose to sign up for it since I feel like the more people checking my baby the better.  I am going to try and have the nurse and doctor visits opposite so that I see someone every two weeks.  This last month I was off though and hence they are only a week apart.  The nurse this last week noticed that I am still not gaining weight.  Instead I have done the opposite and lost 7 pounds over the last two months.  Not good.  I don’t have a lot of morning sickness anymore, I think it is the stress lately and being too busy to eat.

So now I am worried again.  I want a healthy pregnancy.  No preemies, no distress, no inductions.  I want a full term, classic “by the book” healthy pregnancy.  I realize that for me this is asking a lot, but I really want it.  I am 15 weeks now and I really really want to make it to 40.  Or even 37 would be cool, 38 would be great.  I know I am lucky in lots of ways.  Much to my best friend’s chagrin, I do get pregnant very easy.  And I have read enough to know that the crap I have gone through is a drop in the bucket compared to some.  And yet, I still want more.  I feel awfully selfish, but I can’t help that a healthy normal pregnancy is what I really dream of.  So, hopefully on Monday my doctor will check everything else, determine the baby is fine and tell me to eat more.


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