Posted by: Midsummernight | May 31, 2007

Just since Monday…

I have had people talk to me about:

– Not getting something done fast enough for them.

– Someone lecturing me not to do the above thing for the other person.

– Not doing enough for someone else.

– Being told that I am being selfish.

– Questioning (three separate times) about if I am going to do something else for someone. In a “hurry up and do it cause we are impatient” kind of way.

– Being told that I am not being patient enough.

So this has been an awesome week as you can see.  Please excuse the lack of posting as I am sure you don’t really want to hear my thoughts this week anyway.  Kinda depressing. Sorry.  Next week I hope to come up with some cheery fun posts about the garage sale adventures we have also are having this week.



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