Posted by: Midsummernight | May 24, 2007

I finally did get those bags.

A while ago I talked about the grocery bags I wanted to get. I finally did get them the other week and I have been loving them! For a few years I have always picked up cloth canvas bags at the thrift stores in hopes that I would use them for my grocery’s. I found a few problems with my previous system. I always found another use for the bags so they were always full when I needed to go to the store; and I also found that if they were empty I never remembered to grab them. So I broke down and ordered these slick little ones that stuff into their own little sack (from


They usually just live in my purse so I always remember them. They are made of nylon though and I know there is a little controversy over whether or not we should be using nylon instead of cloth. But in my experience I found that I never remembered the cloth ones so I was always getting those darn plastic bags. So I figure these are better than the throw away plastic ones. I plan to get more over time, but my darling wanted to make sure I actually used them first. I can see his point.



  1. so, when they are stuffed into their own sack, how small are they?
    Not a bad idea at all!

  2. They are about 4 inches tall and 3 inches long. It is about as round as a ear of corn. 🙂

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