Posted by: Midsummernight | May 15, 2007

Next time I might open my eyes first

The other day I was really tired before I went to bed, then I happened to have a short nights sleep. I got up to early, stumbled into the bathroom to get ready for work and started to put in my contacts. I put in the first one and thought it was a little odd that the world looked blurrier with them in. “Huh?” I thought and decided it must be that my eyes were not really awake and after a moment the they would clear up. I put in the second contact, grabbed the empty case and went to put it on the counter.

Thats when I noticed the other empty contact case. I wear soft colored contacts and I have two different colors I wear. So I always have two sets of contacts going at one time. So with comprehension slowly dawning, I checked my eyes. Yes, I had indeed put two sets of contacts in my eyes. That’s what happens when you forget to take them out the night before. Ops.



  1. Oh dear! Thats so funny!

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