Posted by: Midsummernight | April 24, 2007

How do you mediate this?

The other day Josiah (2 1/2) and the hubby were playing on the floor. Josiah is really big into imaginary cars so he gave daddy one. The baby Aidan (18m) walked over “grabbed” the car and walked away. Josiah ran over to him, pried Aidan’s hand open and took the “car” back. Aidan screamed, Josiah said “My car.” and walked away. Now how do you mediate that?



  1. Aidan is taking Josiah’s imaginary cars? Wow. Your children will use any excuse to fight with each other. They are both in that stage right now where they want to test boundaries. Hopefully by the time the next baby comes Josiah will have grown out of it.

  2. When you figure that out let me know!
    Good ness!

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