Posted by: Midsummernight | April 19, 2007

Answered Prayer

Today as I was reading Big Mama’s blog she talked about God answering a prayer she had prayed for three years earlier. It got me thinking about my long awaited answered prayer too. Years ago, about three to four I found myself desperately wanting a group of girlfriends I could connect with. I felt so alone in this world and whenever the hubby and I would go into a restaurant there would inevitability be a group of women talking, laughing and laughing some more. I wanted that. I wanted that connection to other women, I wanted to be able to know that I was not alone. So I prayed, and prayed and prayed. And I tried to find a group. I joined a Bible study, mom’s play dates, volunteered at church. Anything I could think of I did, and yet I still didn’t feel that connection. After a while I gave up praying for it and gave up looking for it.

Then a friend one day invited me to a M.O.M.’s meeting at church and I went. It is a monthly get together for any mom in our to come get fellowship, chocolate and encouragement. I didn’t notice it as the years went by but I was slowly becoming connected to a group of women there. Over the years I have progressed to being just one participant who would come right at the start and leave right when it was done to one on the M.O.M.’s team helping plan it. The group has also taken to meeting at Applebee’s after the event is done and we talk and laugh till 1 am when the waiters kick us out to close up. I am now have that group of women I can laugh with, talk with, cry with and praise God with. I am so thankful to Him for working it into my life. Every so often though, when we go out I will notice a young girl with her new husband and see the same look of longing on her face. I try to remember to pray for her do she too can have that connection. I can’t imagine my life without it anymore.



  1. Thats awsome!

    I have an answer to prayer that I want to blog about later . . . but it is SO good to know God cares about us like this!

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