Posted by: Midsummernight | April 14, 2007

100 things about me, I guess

Finally making it to 100 posts… Here are my 100. 🙂

1. I have to have at least five in the works projects going on at all times. If I don’t I have enough I will think of more.

2. I bought my first house at twenty.

3. I got a good deal, it was just a little to small for two kids.

4. We sold it when we learned that baby #2 was on the way.

5. We found out about baby #2 on April 1st.

6. I was really worried my husband would think it was a joke and so I carefully placed the test right side up in the garbage so he could peek if he thought I was joking.

7. Luckily he never thought I would joke about it and he believed me right away. I loved that he didn’t question it.

8. Unlike my Aunt who did use it as a April fools joke and then was mad at her husband for a week when he did not act excited about another baby. I promised my husband I would never do this to him.

9. I have 9 sets of aunt/uncles on my dad’s side and 6 on my mom’s.

10. That means I have lots of cousins that I only see on major holidays.

11. I can never keep all their names straight.

12. I am horrible with names.

13. I have also found that I am horribly sick with morning, noon and night sickness randomly.

14. The “morning” sickness has also decided that it needs to show up at midnight when I am sleeping, so as to wake me out of a dead sleep so I can go throw up.

15. And yet I don’t mind so much because in general I like being pregnant.

16. Although, I don’t know if I will like the last three to four weeks of pregnancy.

17. I will tell you if I do if I actually make it to the last three (37-40) weeks this time.

18. We are hopping for once I do.

19. Speaking of “I Do” I was married when I was 23.

20. We got pregnant with baby #1 four months later.

21. Since the kids have been born I have become much more frugal.

22. I own a book called the Tightwad Gazette that has more money saving tips than you can imagine.

23. I read it all the time, and I have even found ways to save money that are not in the book.

24. No small feat mind you, you should see the size of the book. One of them is making my own laundry soap. Much cheaper!

25. I have also found that while I refuse to pay full price for laundry soap, I will buy a really expensive camera in a heartbeat.

26. I love my SLR camera, but it did cost a small fortune.

27. I plan on keeping it for life. I have to; I am never going to be able to justify a new camera purchase.

28. I love the color pink.

29. I loved it so much when I was little that I cried when I had to wear blue jeans instead of pink jeans.

30. I hate clutter.

31. Which means I consistently have a box or bag of items to go to the thrift store or sell in a garage sale.

32. I would love to get rid of my husband’s stuff too, but he always wants to keep it.

33. I love reading books.

34. I have not read a whole lot since I had kids though; they tend to take up all my spare time.

35. My favorite book as a kid is now one that my oldest enjoys a lot too. I think it has something to do with the fact that the book is bigger than him and some of the pages have holes in them. The Very Hungry Caterpillar- the GIANT edition from Scholastic

35. I also loved Bridge to Terabithia. I am sad that they made it into a movie.

36. I plan on homeschooling my kids.

37. I also plan on living debt free for the rest of my life (besides the house I someday want to buy).

38. I have lost two cell phones in the past two weeks.

39. I have not enjoyed entering all my phone numbers twice now.

40. I love traditional English Fish and Chips with malted vinegar. Yum!

41. I believe “Chips” are actually potato slices fried in oil. Not French fries.

42. I taught myself how to crochet and how to quilt.

43. I also plan on teaching myself how to knit.

44. I am learning how to be more earth friendly.

45. This summer I am growing a garden with my sister, at her house.

46. I am already looking forward to the fall harvest.

47. I really want to live in Washington State though, as my mom can grow infinitely more fruits and vegetables than I can.

48. I have a really hard time spelling; it has never come naturally to me.

49. I have been trying for years to learn the tricks to spell, I am hopping my I can teach my kids to be better spellers.

50. Grammar does not come naturally to me either.

51. I have never figured out that darn apostrophe.

52. I subscribe to the podcast Grammar girl in hopes of improving my grammar.

53. I think it has helped a little.

54. I also subscribe to “Wait Wait… Don’t tell Me.” The NPR News quiz and Pediacast.

55. I also subscribe to about 15 others, but the above mentioned ones I actually try to listen to frequently.

56. Yes, I have listened to Grammar Girls apostrophe show. It made sense at the time, but I keep forgetting the rules.

57. I have had four people try and get me to sign up with Quixtar in the last three years.

58. No offense to those who are in the organization, but I said no every time.

59. I have always wanted to adopt someday.

60. Always means since I was 16.

61. I am a lot older now, but we don’t need to discuss age.

62. I love the nail polish color “I’m really not a waitress” by OPI.

63. I love painting my nails too, but I never get around to it. So I just stare at the pretty color in the bottle instead.

64. I love pampered chef products.

65. I always spend way too much money when I go to a party.

66. I love watching my kids every afternoon at three thirty when the school busses drive by the house. They get so excited it makes me laugh.

67. I am so amazed by how God answered my humble prayer years ago for a fabulous group of Godly women I can connect with.

68. I am in a monthly Moms group at church.

69. I love going every month, and I love going out to eat after the official meeting is done. We talk till one am most mornings.

70. Lately I have had to work the next day.

71. I have not worked quite as fast those days.

72. I loose my voice every time I get a cold.

73. It is a trait I inherited from my mother.

74. Every time it happens I wish I had taken all my ASL classes already.

75. Every time I sign up for my ASL classes though I get pregnant and the baby would come in the middle of the semester.

76. I have signed up two times and I was planning on signing up for this falls classes.

77. Someday I know I will learn ASL. It is a beautiful language.

78. Having babies has changed some of the food I like.

79. I now love 70% dark chocolate.

80. I still think milk chocolate is gross.

81. I don’t like most sweets.

82. Although I do love those sugar wafers. Yum.

83. I really love fruits and vegetables.

84. Yes I know something is wrong with me. ☺

85. I will choose a red pepper over cake every time (unless it is cheesecake).

86. I make a chocolate coffee cheesecake that is fabulous.

87. My husband won’t even try it. He hates coffee.

88. It is hard living with a man who doesn’t drink coffee.

89. I love tea and coffee and he doesn’t drink either one.

90. I think God laughed when He brought us together.

91. I married the perfect man for me, but we are so opposite in most things it is comical.

92. I love my husband immensely, even after three ½ years of marriage and 2 kids.

93. I know a couple that is still madly in love after seven (?) years of marriage. They still act like newly weds. I want that type of relationship with my spouse always.

94. I love walks in the evenings. Especially when my husband comes with.

95. I love camping in the woods. In a tent, as long as there are real bathrooms close to the tent.

96. I like fishing, for about ten min. Then I am done.

97. I love having pets, we have one fish and one rabbit.

98. I don’t think I will ever get more though, pets are a lot of work.

99. I am grateful that I was blessed with such a wonderful family.

100. I am a child of God, and I have a deep appreciation for my savior Jesus Christ.



  1. I totally agree with #41… 🙂
    And we should start on #45 tomorrow.
    I think its funny that you did #65 today.
    Love you!

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