Posted by: Midsummernight | April 2, 2007

They heard me!

The hubby and I have just finished being a part of a passion drama at Church.  Last night was the final performance.  I had just two lines in the whole drama which were in one scene.  If you were unable to hear my lines the whole scene would make no sense  unless you knew the stories of the bible.  Unfortunately for me, and for anyone unfamiliar with the story, my mike had some major issues.

The first full run through they clipped it to my head wrap, it snapped off when the wrap moved and then all you could hear “thump” “BUMP” “thump” “BUMP” as I walked while the mike swung from hitting my leg (BUMP) to hitting my dress (thump).  Bad bad bad.  So opening night they clipped it to my dress, you couldn’t hear anything as my head wrap slid over it.  Effectively muting the mike. Next show it was back on the wrap, more securely this time.  The mike itself failed this time.  Darn broken thing.

Third and final showing I am getting worried sick about the darn mike.  The cast meeting went to long they were unable to test it before show time.  So they clip it to the head wrap, I walk as slowly as possible to my off stage starting point while holding my head wrap like a crazy person.  I didn’t let that thing move a centimeter.  Praying like crazy the whole time and it worked!!!! I was so shocked I almost keeled right over.  So for the last group of people to see the drama, they actually got to hear the whole thing.  From now on I know to go to the last showing of something.  Most of the technical issues are worked out by then.

By the third night before show I was so tired of the mike issue I swore I wouldn’t do the drama again next year.  Now that I feel better about the whole thing I just might join again. Albeit, I think I am going to insist on a non-speaking part.


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