Posted by: Midsummernight | January 25, 2007

I’m an Organizational Junkie

No, my house isn’t always clean. Nor do my spices usually line up alphabetically (currently they do because I got a new spice rack that looks so darn nice, but I swear it won’t last long). And no, I don’t actually fold socks and line them up by color. Hey wait a minute though, they would look kind of nice that way… Ack! Wait, what am I thinking?! Note to self – ignore the socks idea; you don’t have the time. Plus your husband would mess it up on purpose. He thinks I’m darn cute, but socks? I don’t think he would go for that one.

Although I am not guilty any of the above (minus the spices, this was the first time, honest) I have come to the realization that I am one of those organizational people that others hate. The thought came to me this evening as I was making labels for all my homemade food items and the natural foods store bought (ie “come home in plastic bag”) items that get stored in canning jars. Yes, I was making labels, printed in nice pretty fonts in colors that coordinate with each separate food. I realized at that moment, the moment I was putting the last label on the nicely organized jars, that I am the women you hate.

To make matters worse, I also made sure that I had printed extra’s of each label just incase the one on the jar got wrecked. I was also careful to make a note on the extra label sheet of the font, size and other specifics I used in case I needed to make more. I just couldn’t have one label that didn’t match. This is why I stay up late in the evening long after I should have gone to bed. To make canning jar labels, and nice labels for the backs of pictures. But that’s beside the point. Doesn’t everyone type (my handwriting is atrocious) those labels that go on the back of your pictures with the full name, date and general what we were doing in the picture info? Oh, wait. They don’t? Gulp, um well, just add that to the list.

So then, does everyone else write all their favorite recipes down on cards that are then placed in a matching miniature three ring binder? No? Oh. How about putting all craft ideas, crochet and knitting patterns and any fabulous Martha Stewart “Good Things” ideas in page protectors and in separate three binders? No on that one too? Really? Oh, you don’t really even like Martha Stewart? Wow! I get tons of good organizational ideas from her. What? Her organizational ability is what drives you nuts? Ok, then how about baby books? I am almost afraid to mention this one but, um, doesn’t everyone finish all their kid’s baby books? No? I guess by now I am not surprised. So this must really seal the deal. I am the women that others love to hate.

I wasn’t always this way, really. For example once while growing up we had to do a weekly cleaning of our room. After my sister and I uncovered the carpet, I promptly went to my parents and asked them when they had changed the carpet color. Apparently we had missed a week of cleaning and due to all the clothes on the floor we were unable to see it at all. I was convinced that they had changed the carpet without telling me.

So, I want to heartily apologize for any feeling of inadequacy anyone may have felt my reading my blog. Please be rest assured that I am doing my best to be less organized. I will even go so far as to put one of the spices back in the wrong slot.

Ack! I tried and I just can’t do it! They are forever stuck being alphabetized! Feel free to resume hating me now.



  1. You over compensate with organization because I am so lacking in this skill.

    I remember the purple carpet! I was a surprise.

  2. Hi there. You had asked me on my blog a few weeks ago about which MN agency we were using for our adoption. It’s CHSFS of Minnesota.

  3. I admit I am one of the women you were writing to. My head just started to ache trying to think of all that organizing going on!
    On the other hand, my hubby would LOVE it if I just woke up and started doing all that!
    Ha, not going to happen. He will have to settle with all the CD’s on one shelf and DVD’s on another . . . in no particular order.

  4. I like the idea of being organized. So am duly taking note of the tips offered here. No, you are not odd. Just different from the mainstream to which I belong.

    Sunday blessings,

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