Posted by: Midsummernight | December 15, 2006

All is well

The flu has finally left us and we are exceedingly grateful. I am acutely aware of how privileged I am to be moving around without my stomach doing a thousand flip-flops and then expelling the entire 2 tablespoons of 7-up I dared to drink. So before I regale you all with flu stories that will cause you to lose your lunch I will be moving along….

I am taking a test tomorrow. A test that will determine the rate of pay I will receive at my newly acquired part time job. I think I scored the best part time job in history; and the more I learn about how many people fight for the type of job I received, well, I can only believe that it truly was a miracle that I was hired. I am hoping to do well on the test, and have been studding all day. My brain has not worked this hard in years and it is a rude awaking, which was definitely needed as I really want to attend college fall 2007. So I really need to go back and hit the books.

As an aside of sorts, for those of you who receive the RainbowKids newsletter did you see the little one from Korea with cp? She has been on my mind since I first saw her story in August. I have been praying for her ever since, under the assumption that she was adopted. Knowing now that she has not been, well lets just say I am praying for direction like crazy and already e-mailed Barb. So, for those of you who have adopted, how did you know that the child you saw was meant to be a part of your family? Did you chose them or did the agency match you? I know I am jumping so far ahead as the hubby is still in the considering stage of adoption, yet I continue to hope.  Edit- She was adopted before I even got the paperwork filled out.  I know that God sent her to the perfect family for her. We are still thinking of adoption, it is just the cost…


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