Posted by: Midsummernight | December 1, 2006

Christmas gifts

This Christmas season is going to be a lean on this year. For our whole extened family as well, on my husbands side we decided to give gifts only to the little ones. I was trying to find cheap good gifts for them and I came across the idea of melting crayons in a muffin tin. We decided to try it and they turned out pretty cute. I bought paper bags that we are going to stamp with Christmas stamps (already owned) and the crayons we melted came from the childrens huge stash of extras recieved from friends over the years. Cost for each gift 3¢. Not bad I thought.

For my MIL and my FIL we decided we still wanted to get them both something. We couldn’t think of anything either one of them would need as a traditional gift. They both now live in senior housing and have very small apartments. So any extra stuff is a bad idea. Then we came up with the idea of food. Not gift certificates, or just a bag of grocerys we wanted to do something that took a little more effort and thought. So we are going to make them meals in small portions and freeze them. This way I can get the grocerys cheap so it saves us money and they both will have quick and easy meals to make.

I am still looking for a great idea thought for my two nephews that are 9 & 10. Anyone have any great ideas?


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