Posted by: Midsummernight | November 25, 2006

All I wanted was a new faucet

The faucet in the bathroom leaked. Not a lot, but any amount is irritating to me. So my darling husband decided to fix it. I left for an appointment and when I returned I found this:


And this:

Not where it is supposed to be

And this:


And then, my husband left for working leaving it in shambles. Ugh. Eventually though, he did get it put back together the next day. And now, I have a new faucet.

Ahh. A cheep one, but it works!



  1. Love that green paint….
    Did I tell you we replaced our gold colored faucet with a NEW gold colored faucet. Yea!

  2. Hey finally got around to reading your Blog.
    Pretty good stuff.Love the pictures.
    PS what happened to the Vanity? You think Phil should change to being a plumber?

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