Posted by: Midsummernight | November 17, 2006


As I was dropping my nephew off at school this morning we were chatting about his book. Right before he got out of the car I mentioned to make sure he didn’t read his book during class time (right after I said it I realized I was putting ideas in his head, ops) but it had not occurred to me that it was an unusual problem. While I was in school I was always reading books during class. Not so much in elementary, a little bit in middle school and a lot in high school.

I don’t learn so much by listing to teachers drone on and on (only maybe 20% of the population has that as their main learning form) so I would get bored in class. I would always bring my reading book into class, hide it halfway under my desk and read. In retrospect I am sure many of the teachers knew, but didn’t feel like dealing with it. When you have thirty plus kids in your class, do you really want to deal with the one who is not disrupting anyone but not paying attention? Or would you rather deal with the one who is bothering the whole class while not paying attention? Easy choice.

As I drove back from school I thought about how much instruction and knowledge I missed out on because I was reading a book. Sure the books I read sometimes taught me something. I occasionally read bibliographies, history or a fabulous literature book but mostly I read fiction romance books. I didn’t have the desire to read good books and learn when I was being forced to read the dry textbooks of high school.

I realized that this is just one of the reasons we have decided to homeschool our kids. I want them to have the time to learn and to enjoy it. If they are wrapped up in a book I want them to have the time to finish it without missing valuable information in class. I want them to be able to be wrapped up in non-fiction books because that is their “textbooks”. I want them to have the kind of instruction I only dreamed about. One where the teacher understands them, knows them, cares about their desire to learn and fosters that desire. I know it will not be easy, and I already have heard some of the standard “Your kids will be unable to function in society because they will not be socialized” statements that abound in our society (as a side note, for those who still believe that socialization is a issue, you can read this, or this, or any one of these articles). But I feel that for my kids and my family homeschooling is the best choice for us.



  1. I want them to have the time to learn and to enjoy it, too. I love books and I want to pass this on as well.

    I am SERIOUSLY considering homeschooling.

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