Posted by: Midsummernight | November 8, 2006

Who I miss the most

Owlhaven’s Opinion Saturday question this week is a very easy one for me to answer. She asked this week who we miss the most, and hands down right now it is my Mom. Mom moved to Washington State after the divorce and has been there since (2 years now I think?) I miss her every single day.

She is the one I want to see in the delivery room when I have my babies (no, no more on the way). I want to be able to go shopping with her, do girl stuff. Have her help in planting my garden, I wish she could be here to teach me how to garden. I want to be able to sit on a Sunday afternoon and have tea (or coffee) and just talk to her. Playing with my babies is something she should get to do more often than once every year or two. I miss her desperately, she is one of my best friends and my Mom. I dream sometimes of moving to Washington, and was really talking about it yesterday. But today, Hubby’s job is coming through. So it doesn’t look like we will go.

This summer I spent 2 1/2 weeks with her and I loved it. Just to see her every day, to talk to her, laugh with her was fabulous. It made me realize how much I am missing every day just by living so far away. I still wish it could change.



  1. Sweet post….glad you got to spend some time together recently…

    Mary, mom to many

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  3. There’s just nobody who loves you like your mom does. Amazing miraculous incomprehensible precious love.

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