Posted by: Midsummernight | October 27, 2006

You use cloth?!

The older I get the more I am becoming conscious of what resources my family uses and discards. I have been learning here and there, but mostly it tends to just be a random thought that gets me going. Lately I have decided that I want to start using reusable grocery bags. I always save the current ones and use them as I can. The paper ones are work great for the recycling bags for newspapers, but since I only get the newspaper on Saturdays and Sundays I have a large amount of bags waiting to be used. I use the plastic ones for other random, very random needs. But I do save them in the hopes that one of these days I will remember to bring them to the grocery store where they have a recycling bin. But it still seems much more earth friendly to use reusable bags.

I use a few other reusable items including cloth diapers and feminine items (check out Lunapads!) I recently started composting which cuts down on my trash a lot. I also am thinking about using the local health food store more often. They offer spices and all sorts of dry items in bulk. They encourage people to bring their own containers; they just weigh them at the start and end to figure out how much product you bought. It cuts down on their plastic bag costs and helps out the environment. I think the next time I run out of flour, sugar, cinnamon or the like that I will try it. It might cost a little more though and, unfortunately, increasing the grocery budget is not an option right now. So we will see if it is something we can start now.

There was an interview on NPR (can not find it, sorry) that my sister had told me about that has helped me feel a little more convicted about the resources my family uses. As the main grocery shopper, the items I choose are the items that we throw away or reuse. I buy the toothbrushes, but really I should buy the ones where the head can just be changed. Carmen recently wrote about her family’s garbage on Larger Families and I was impressed. It is the small things we do every day that make the difference. Toothbrushes, feminine items, composting all are small parts (I don’t think the diapers are such a small part) but everything adds up. My goal has been lately to cut down on our trash each week. I think I am coming up with ways to do it, but does anyone have any suggestions?



  1. I think you need a bigger family. 🙂

  2. […] finally did get those bags. A while ago I talked about the grocery bags I wanted to get. I finally did get them the other week and I have been […]

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