Posted by: Midsummernight | October 24, 2006


A few weeks ago I was trying very hard to complete a bunch of tasks at once. Cooking dinner, feeding the baby cheerios, giving the toddler some milk and talking to my sister on the phone about something important. The baby had been sitting on the floor crying for some more cheerios (supper was running late, did I mention I had to many things to do at once?) so I reached over stirred the food grab a cheerio and went to drop it in his mouth. The baby however was not on the floor where he had been a second ago, so I quick looked up and saw my dad had picked him up. So I moved towards them both, talking to sis and glancing at dinner I turned and held the cheerio up to the first mouth I saw. I wasn’t opening, so I held it there and quickly looked at dinner again. The mouth opened I dropped the cheerio in and grabbed the spoon to stir supper. Then I looked over and saw my dad chewing. Yes, I had feed my dad. He admits he was a little baffled as to why I was holding it up to his mouth but he thought maybe I wanted him to see if they were stale or something so he took it. We laughed about that for the rest of the night.

Today, I brought my Dad to the airport. He is leaving for Thailand to work with a missionary couple over there for six months to a year. All depending on a wedding that might be happing this spring (or sometime next year) and on the grace of the Thailand government officials granting him a visa for a year. I thought about the cheerio feeding a lot during the silent hour drive back home. I’m going to miss him terribly as we connect so well, I have always been a daddy’s girl. He has kept me grounded, reminded me of the power of prayer when I am struggling and has straightened me out a time or two when my husband and I were having a disagreement (and no he doesn’t always side with my husband, but he does when my husband is right). He has saved us countless fights as he knows how to tell me something gently and make me actually hear it. He loves God with all his heart I know he is being called to where he’s going, but how I wish he could stay here with us.
Thailand Smiles

God Bless MorFa, we love you!


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