Posted by: Midsummernight | September 19, 2006

A different perspective

A friend and I had a chance to reconnect this Sunday after church. We never seem to get the time to talk and usually at church I see her in passing talking to someone or vice versa. She is one of those people who is great to talk to, but hard to find alone. Someone always wants her attention and considering she is the assistant Pastor’s wife, I understand she is busy. But this Sunday God blessed me and allowed us to spend a long time chatting without interruptions. Some of it was just catching up and all the normal talk.

But she mentioned something that I have been thinking about since. We were talking about some life change that God has just brought around after a long time praying for it. In the midst of the conversation she mention that while she knew we were struggling with patience waiting for this God’s perspective was probably so much different. She said she wished that someday she might be able to see, just for a few seconds, be able to see the whole picture. Just to be able to get a glimpse of the how all those little pieces in life fit to change and alter something for someone else. To be able to “See the whole parade (Go Fish)” for just a moment would be amazing.

If you just stop and think for just a moment I can “see” some of the things that although hard and sad had good endings. Owlhaven for example has adopted four kids. Each one of those kids was born halfway around the world to someone who was unable to take care of them, but yet God’s plan for their lives was amazing. They were brought halfway around the world to join a loving, caring family. Another thing I can see is God’s plan to bring my Husband and I together. My husband and I were friends for years, yet nothing would have got me to realize the amount of feelings I had for him except his very serious life threatening car accident. He also lost his leg in that accident which caused him to come home after finishing college so he could finish therapy and figure out his new path in life. That allowed him to be home long enough for me to really fall totally in love and get married to him. Before the accident he was planning on doing oil rigging right out of college for a couple of years. He might have still done that had he not lost his leg in the accident.

Thinking about this the last two days and given me the reminder that all the struggles are temporary. Everything is temporary till I go home. Maybe when I get there He will see fit to let me see how all the things in my life connected to someone else. Just to be able to get just a glimpse.



  1. This post touched me. I am praying my kids will always be able to trust that God had a good plan for their lives.

    Mary, mom to many

  2. I am praying the same for my kids as well.

  3. Thank you for this blog and blessing

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