Posted by: Midsummernight | September 5, 2006


Labor day weekend = 50+ relatives running around camping/playing = 1 ER trip. The ER trip was me this year. Damn. All is well, just a hard jab to the stomach with a shuffleboard stick. Luckily I didn’t seriously injure myself, but I felt pretty stupid. Apparently that saying “Don’t run with scissors” should really be “Don’t run with scissors or shuffle board sticks”. Who knew?

Besides the fabulous ER trip we all had tons of fun. The toddler tried catching fish off the dock with a water noodle. I guess smacking fish is the best way to catch fish according to him. Luckily for the fish they are way smarter than to be hit with a falling water noodle. So the water was great, the food was fabulous (calories are free on Labor day weekend, didn’t you know?) and we all had fun.

Oh, and apparently the sand was delicious.


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