Posted by: Midsummernight | August 14, 2006


There are so many things I love about my kids. As they grow so fast I am reminded that they won’t stay little for long. For now though, the things I love include:

– Every morning when the toddler wakes up he has to give me every toy and blanket he slept with before I can pick him up.

– The baby wakes up so happy every morning, he craws on me laughing every day.

– The two of them together will sit there and laugh as they shake their heads back and forth, coppying each other.

– Give the baby a cup and he will yell into it for a long time.

– The toddler will bounce and dance to any song on the raido or tv. I have got to get video of this one.

Things I miss already:

_ The toddler went through a stage where he would put buckets or blankets on his head and run around. He would bump into everything and laugh and laugh.

– The toddler also used to say “Mmmm” whith every bite of food.

It goes so fast.



  1. I remember the “Mmmmmm” part! I loved when he did that.
    I also loved it when the toddler used to wear that bungee cord around his neck. It was his favorite accessory.

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