Posted by: Midsummernight | August 9, 2006


I have a cereal I buy only when it’s on sale. I buy at least two at the sale price but the stuff still aint cheep. I tend to think cereal is outrageously expensive and loath buying the stuff at all. But I have fallen in love with the generic cheerios with mixed berries. Only the generic though, I have never cared for the real brand of cheerios. My toddler has fallen in love with it as well, and I have learned to eat it before he is up or when he is totally occupied with something else. It has worked so far although I feel a little guilty sometimes about not sharing.

I am starting to feel a little guiltier but I am getting over it. I had two boxes in the pantry as of last Monday. I have also been watching my nephew (hi sis!) as of last Monday. Turns out he loves my cereal. Damn. I was nice last week and between the nephew and toddler they ate a whole box! I never got one bowl and I also was not allowing cereal everyday for breakfast. So this week I have changed my tune. The second box is now hidden and I’m not telling where.


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