Posted by: Midsummernight | June 16, 2006

Our honeymoon

For DH and I’s honeymoon we decided to take a trip around southern Minnesota. If you have never gone to southern Minnesota by the way, I encourage you to take some time and see it. It is a gorgeous area. While we were there we stopped at a little tiny town called Lanesboro. We were hungry and the only place open was this little tiny ice cream and burgers joint in town. So we went in and ordered. While we were sitting down waiting for our order a women with blond hair walked in. She looked so darn familiar, but we just couldn’t place her. Have you ever know someone and only see them in a certain place, when you finally see them out of place you get confused? Well, thats what happened to us. After a min or two her husband walked in and we just about died. There is a group from our church that sometimes takes weekend trips on motorcycles. There was a group of people in Lanesborg from our little church and the wife and husband that we first saw was the Senior Pastor and his wife! It was the most surreal experience to run into our Pastor on our honeymoon trip in a little tiny 750 size town a few hundred miles from home. It got even stranger when we discovered that we had all picked the same hotel for the night. We got a cute picture from it that resides in our wedding album and we also got some great memories from it. It was a fun dinner that night.



  1. How weird is that! I was so young when we got married I probably would have freaked out knowing my pastor was in the same hotel! Sounds like you took it all in stride.

    Thanks for visiting me today! I love the name Preacher Cookies – I think I’ll use it!

    Hope your little guy does well with the tubes. My son had a year of constant ear infections, but after the tubes, he never had another one. It was wonderful!

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