Posted by: Midsummernight | June 9, 2006

A cuddle yesterday

Yesterday my toddler woke up very unhappy from his nap. I had to wake him up since it was getting late, and he was just not ready to be awake. We went downstairs and sat on the couch. He was crying a little and reaching for me, so we cuddled. It dawned on me as we cuddled that he is already growing out of the idea that mom can fix everything. Right now for a little while more I am still everything to him. I can fix his pain no matter what it is in his mind. I know it won’t last much longer. A hug and cuddle from mom can still make the sadness go away. Someday he will grow up and he will have something happen that I can’t fix. It saddened me yesterday to think that someday I won’t be enough. But I know my heavenly Father will be there for him. So, I know that as long as my sons know Jesus Christ as their savior then they too will always have someone that can help them through anything. And I will still be here for the hugs if they need them.


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