Posted by: Midsummernight | June 7, 2006

I’ve lost that safe feeling

I have lately been starting to feel safe where I live. Feeling safe is something that takes me a long time to achieve, and I know some places I just never will feel safe again. An example would be the lobby of the bank where I worked when I was robbed twice. Some things just don’t go away. So, anyways I was actually feeling safe here. In my current home, till today. Today while I was upstairs with the kids someone walked into my house. They said “hello?” while they walked in. So I quickly got up to see who it was and the baby started crying. By the time I got downstairs they were gone. I searched the whole house and no one was here, but there was a young man that I saw taking an extremely odd quickly paced “walk”. He happened to be across the street when I saw him and he was stepping into someone’s yard, walked across the yard through someone else’s and then I lost sight. I am now locking the doors while I am home. I hate feeling unsafe here again, but there’s not much I can do about it now. Oh, and I did call the local police. They were going to drive around and see if they could find the young man I described to them. I hope they did.



  1. Yeah, sounds like locks are a good idea…Mary

  2. That would freak me out!!!

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